The schools are set in quiet, serene and spacious compounds. The environment is satisfactorily conducive for learning. There is ample space for co-curricular activities such as football, athletics and other outdoor sports. We train our boys and girls in these sports with all the enthusiasm we can muster. Our ultimate goal is to bring out a whole person in our students.

Performing arts such as music and drama form an important part of our school curriculum. We endeavor to upgrade and perfect the learning facilities to the expected standards. Our dream is to build a school with state of the art facilities providing world class education services.

We appreciate that a student is more than just an intellectual being. Students have other talents and hobbies. Some of the activities our students take part in include swimming, chess and other outdoor sporting activities. As we implement our future plans, we intend to add to and improve our sporting facilities. We also look to building a music studio.

Well light class room

Computer Room – laptop project next year

Teaching Staff

Our Members of teaching staff are highly trained and qualified. They are also dedicated to excellence in all that they do. They have been recruited through a well thought competent evaluation process. We know that with sufficiently competent and knowledgeable teachers we shall succeed in making Kingsmead Junior Academy a citadel of academic excellence. It is our prayer that our school shall be a pacesetter in venturing and conquering new academic frontiers. We have encouraged our teachers to embrace knowledge impartation skills and practices that are globally competitive in line with our vision.

School Transport

The school runs one of the most vibrant and efficient transport departments. It is run and managed by teachers that are highly professional and competent in their work. Safe and comfortable travel for our pupils to and from school is our priority. The school has 1 buses and a vans. 

Education trips

Education trips and adventure are a part and parcel of our school programmes. This helps in enhancing the understanding of concepts taught. It also helps the learners to understand the world around them. Moments outside classroom also breaks monotony of class experience.