About us

Kingsmead Junior Academy (KJA) is a coeducational school located along Limuru Road in Ruaka Town, Nairobi-Kenya, the fastest growing cosmopolitan city in Africa, home to of the Two Rivers Shopping Complex.

KJA caters for parents who desire a closer teacher pupil relationship for their child and an atmosphere where each individual pupil can be recognized.

We ensure that our environment and facilities enhances intellectual, moral, physical and social development of our pupils for the purpose of maximizing their abilities and potentials.

Education System

Kingsmead Junior Academy is a duly registered school. We have embraced both the new curriculum and the 8-4-4 system of education. The new system is well on course with well-trained teacher to handle communication and collaboration. We Promote;

  • Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
  • Creativity and Imagination
  • Citizenship
  • Digital Literacy
  • Learning to Learn
  • Self –Efficiency

Academic Achievements

The school has been having encouraging results progressively. As our mission statement states EVERY CHILD CAN LEARN. We believe that all children should live Kingsmead as an all rounded person. We are a K .C.P.E Registered centre .In 2019 we had our pioneer class which performed extremely well with a mean score 360.

Social Work

At Kingsmead Junior Academy, we understand the importance of living in harmony with our community. We know the importance of giving back to the same community that fuels our success. We are currently involved in the below activities:

Community service: The school actively participates in the community activities around it. Such as cleaning, hosting health campaigns such as Dettol Handwash Challenge and charity walks.